Charter of Political and Ideological Principles and Values ​​of the BNG

Galicia is a nation, and therefore has the right to self-determination, to decide its own future for itself in a free and sovereign manner.

Galician nationalism is the democratic response of our people, faced by a situation of economic dependence and the cultural and political oppression of Galicia that makes the progress and wellbeing of Galician society impossible.

The BNG is a nationalist organization, because it defends the principle of national sovereignty and the freedom of the Galician nation to establish itself within a sovereign, democratic, secular and republican state, the Republic of Galicia.

The BNG defines itself as a socio-political movement for the defense of the country that encompasses realities beyond political expression.

The BNG is committed to the defense of human rights as an essential value and, to that extent, actively fights against all forms of discrimination, whether on the basis of origin or ethnicity, language, religion, orientation or gender identity, functional diversity, illness, or any other factor.

The BNG is a pacifist force, because it considers the defense of world peace, disarmament, and the dissolution of aggressive military blocs a priority, and advocates the peaceful and democratic resolution of international conflicts.

The BNG is committed to secularism, and to that extent understands that political administrations must be neutral regarding religious matters, staying away from any religious statement or activity in order to guarantee the freedom of belief of the entire population.

The BNG considers it a priority to guarantee essential rights such as health, education, culture, housing, and work, for the entire population, in order to ensure a dignified life for all Galicians, both female and male.

The BNG puts into practice a popular nationalism, which primarily defends the interests of working people, both women and men, and of the Galician popular classes as a whole. In all cases, the BNG directs its policies to the social majority of our country, and is committed to the interests of the Galician people and Galicia as a nation.

The BNG embodies a transformative nationalism, which works to improve the living conditions of Galicians and to achieve a new and truly democratic society, without gender discrimination, with freedom and social justice.

The BNG is convinced that for the development of Galicia as a nation, it is necessary for the Galician people to organize themselves into their own political and social organizations. Therefore, the BNG will actively promote the self-organization of the Galician people in all areas, as a means to advance the process of self-determination.

The BNG defends social policies that aim to bring an end to any form of exploitation of human beings, and to social and economic inequalities. With this in mind, we pursue an advanced model of society, which guarantees public control of resources and strategic sectors of the economy, which respects labor rights, and which promotes non-dependent, sustainable and fair socio-economic development, capable of promoting the well-being of the whole people.

The BNG pursues and promotes the full social normalization of our language, along with the right to live in Galician and to develop our culture for the benefit of social cohesion, the enrichment of our cultural heritage, and our material development.

The BNG is a democratic and participative organization that is committed to advancing individual and collective rights and to moving towards a real democracy based on the direct participation of the entire population in decision-making.

The BNG is committed to feminism, as an essential tool for overcoming heteropatriarchy and combating all forms of violence (social, political, economic, state, psychological, physical, etc.), exploitation, and discrimination, directed against women and non-heterosexual people. This perspective is inscribed across all our political and programmatic objectives, as well as all in the political action of the BNG.

The BNG is committed to the defense of the rights and freedoms of lesbian, gay, transsexual, bisexual, and intersex (LGTBI) people.

The BNG is a force that is actively committed to the defense of the environment and the land, and pursues policies in accordance with the principle of sustainability, for the safeguarding of the planet, respect for the environment, and for the eradication of animal abuse.

The BNG is a patriotic force and, at the same time, an internationalist one, which defends the right of all the peoples of the world to be free and to make decisions in a sovereign manner, and is in solidarity with all nations that fight for freedom.

The BNG is an anti-imperialist force in that it rejects the domination of some nations over others, fights all forms of oppression, opposes any kind of political or military interference or intervention of an imperialist nature, and advocates international relations of cooperation.


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