International Press Release: Local Election News

Executica do BNG
Executica do BNG

Following the recent local elections, the National Spokesperson for the Galizan Nationalist Bloc (BNG), Ana Pontón, stated that the historic results at the local elections held on Sunday 28 May 2023 confirmed the change of political cycle announced at the last Galizan elections, when the Galizan people confided in the BNG by making it the main opposition in the Galizan Parliament and the only real alternative to the right-wing, governing Spanish People’s Party (PP), standing it in good stead for forthcoming elections.

She went on to say that the BNG is fully committed to honour the trust placed in it by Galizan people to usher in a new era for our country, building on the new sense of hope for the future. The BNG is determined to work untiringly to pave the way for a new dawn for Galiza at the Galizan elections scheduled for 2024, with the BNG set to see its National Spokesperson at the head of the Galizan Parliament as the country’s first woman President, holding out the promise of a brighter future for Galiza and its people.

The BNG led the way out as the party with the single-most increase in the number of votes, resulting in a third more elected councillors across the country, amounting to a total of 135. This is clearly indicative of the continuing upwards trend, with ever more councils led by a mayor from the BNG. The results in the capital, Santiago de Compostela, are especially worthy of mention, with the BNG overtaking the Spanish Socialist Party (PSOE) thanks to the trust placed in it by the electorate and making history by placing the first ever woman mayor, Goretti Sanmartín, at the head of the corporation.

Several of the other main cities also underwent a significant increase, with the BNG doubling its elected councillors in cities such as A Coruña and Ourense and even tripling their number in Vigo. This rise in the number councillors and mayorships enables the BNG to spread its project which has already proven itself to be a success in other towns and cities to an ever-wider number of places throughout the country, transforming them in a positive way and improving people’s lives. Ana Pontón thanked all of the Galizans who voted for the BNG for their support and also thanked all of the unstinting work carried out by our members and candidates, demonstrating once again that the true force of the BNG lies in the dedication and commitment of its members.

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